Are You in Pain?

When you’re in pain, the brain tells you that your body follows the rhythm. You both think and believe, then the pain goes back over and over again.

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To help you more understand how our brain perceives that ‘pain feeling,’ let me define what pain is and where it does come from.

Pain is a natural experience of having an uncomfortable sensation or feeling that something may be wrong. It is produced by the brain. According to modern researchers, some factors such as beliefs, mood, and cognitive skills can contribute to this painful experience that you might have.

Let me tell you one thing ~ It’s all in the mind!

Yes, you heard that right. Changing the way we believe in something has an impact on what our brains are telling us. The more we think of it, the more we feel it.

Now allow me to walk you through it, and let’s change your perspective about pain. Find out how!

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